Having your payday loan deposited into a prepaid cash card offers a good deal of convenience.Lady with twenty-dollar bills infront of face

Advantages to Consider

Prepaid cash cards offer a great convenience like credit cards without requiring you to watch your balance like a hawk or be constantly eying your mailbox for statements that always seem to be lost, causing you a late fee. The benefits of using a card once it has been preloaded with your payday loan are numerous, including:

  • No Risk of Overdrawing: The money in your account from your cash advance is not allowed to get into a state of being overdrawn. You don't have to worry about any surprise overage notices that come with a hefty fee and/or the possibility of an interest rate hike as a penalty as many credit companies like to do to their customers. When your balance reaches zero, or if you attempt a purchase that would put you below zero, you will be denied any charges.
  • No Bills: No bill will arrive at the end of the month demanding a payment from you for using your prepaid option since all the money is already yours to spend as you see fit. This extra peace of mind of not having to worry about the future in that way makes this option a great and easy one to manage convenience.
  • No Interest: Since the money that is loaded onto it is yours (via the loan you took out), there is no interest for you to have to worry about on a balance every month. With credit products, every time you use it, you are putting money into the hands of the bank. A prepaid customer doesn't have such worries. You can spend to your heart's content and never pay a dime more than what you'd agreed to when you first applied for the loan.
  • It's Reusable: The first time you apply for a payday loan to be loaded onto a prepaid option you will have it sent to you for your use. Once you have used it and successfully pay back that loan, you can keep the card and should you ever require a payday loan from that lender again in the future, they can simply reload your money for you for immediate access.
  • No Late Fees: Without any bills to worry about, you also will not have to concern yourself with missing payments to a credit company and having to suffer the subsequent late fees.

Prepaid cash cards look like any other credit option in the most positive aspects, but are missing the negative aspects that usually end up costing you, the consumer, money.

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There are many advantages to using a prepaid cash card in order to finance your payday loan. Cash cards act like a credit card but do not have the fees that are generally associated with a credit card.